About Loco Shed

What is Loco Shed ?

Loco Shed is an online platform and community for managing a database of you model railway collection items.

What is a Database or Organisation ?

Both mean the same thing: a collection of data about a single model railway collection.
Typically, a database is given the name of an organisation, such as a club name, or it could be the name of a layout or a completely random name. You specify the name when creating a database and when logging in.
You can create multiple databases and you can be a member of multiple databases.

What is a Category ?

A Category is simply a classification or grouping of items, for example, Locomotives, Carriages, Wagons etc

What is the additional Web Information ?

We maintain a database which contains large numbers of links to web articles. These have been classified by model manufacturer catalogue numbers so you will see them as soon as you enter a catalogue number.
So for example, if you enter a particular product catalogue number and we have links related to that catalogue number, you will automatically see any links about that item. These may relate to manufacturer information such as technical maintenence sheets, prototype information, history or even images.
This database is continually growing and we encourage members to make suggestions for additions.

Is my data private ?

Yes, most definitely! By default, only you have access to your data. You can add further members to your database. You can share items with other databases if you wish, but by default, you are the only member and nothing is shared.
No personally identifiable information other than your login is recorded.

What is this 'Sharing' stuff ?

Sharing is a feature which allows you to share data about an item with other users of the Loco Shed platform. It is handy in instances where you may loan an item to someone else and you want them to be able to maintain your item record. For example, you might loan an item to your club for use at exhibitions. Loco Shed lets you share your record with the club so that other club members can update your record, for example, if they did some maintenence or identified problems, then they can add notes.
Sharing requires an explicit action where you must specify the organisation to whom an item is shared. You can share with multiple organisations such as you club and a friend at the same time. Maybe your friend does maintenence and repairs for you. You can stop sharing an item at any time.
If you don't belong to a club and don't have a need to share items, then you don't need to use the feature.

How does the system handle my database and my club’s database ?

Your club sets up its own database. You set up your own database. If you loan items to your club in the real world, for example, exhibition use, you can share those items from your database to your club (you can withdraw them at any time). Any user who has access to your database or your club’s database can then see the shared items and can maintain records eg record maintenance activities, add pictures, add refence information etc

What is the CMS Stock Import ?

CMS Stock is our previous desktop application for managing a model railway collection database. This had to be installed on your loco machine. Now, with Loco Shed, you don’t have to install anything and you don't have to worry about backing up data because we do that for you! If you are an existing user of CMS Stock, the import feature lets you import your existing database into Loco Shed so that you don’t have to re-enter all of your data.

What is 'Wagon Director' ?

Wagon Director is a feature which lets you create operational plans for sending wagons to different locations around your layout, giving reason and purpose to operation. Various controls are provided so that you can specify block trains and/or which locations a wagon cannot be sent to.

What is the cost of Loco Shed ?

Loco Shed is currently free of charge and has no limitations on functionality.

What are the future plans for Loco Shed ?

In the future, we plan to:

  • Expand Loco Shed to become the ‘Go To’ place in the hobby with many community and interactivity-related features
  • Integrate Loco Shed with our SSI Model Railway Control System software so that the SSI software can retrieve locomotive information and configuration data from Rail Base
  • Provide an API so that developers can integrate Loco Shed with their own applications (subject to security controls)